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Frequently asked Questions ( FAQ )

I am new to Coimbatore . Pls tell me how far is CHIL & KGISL IT parks from your PG

Our PGs (TEG1 & TEG2 @ Saravanampatti) are within 2-4 Kms range of both the IT parks .You can easily access from our PGs . Most of the company busses ply  via our PGs

How to visit and Book my accommodation ?

You can call our staff at PG and plan your visit . They will show you the facility in detail . If you are satisfied you can book and pay online .

Do you have onsite payment facility ?

Yes , We have online payment facility . You can pay thro’ Netbanking , Credit and Debit cards & Payment wallets at your convenience. No extra charges would be charged for this facility.

Is there any additional charge if I pay by cards at your website ?

No extra charges need to be paid for using our online payment facility . The bank transaction charges are borne by us . You just need to pay applicable PG charges based on your room selection.

What are the charges apart from monthly rent ?

Apart from monthly ,rent you need to be one time registration fee(Non Refundable) and security deposit ( Refundable)

How much is the notice period ?

One month is the notice period. Whenever you want to vacate pls keep us informed one month before the exit .That will help us to plan the utilization. Incase if you want to leave without giving notice period , we would deduct one month notice period amount from your security deposit amount

Do you provide any transport facilities to go to office ?

We donot have pick and drop facility. However you can take our bikes on lease depending on availability. The bike lease charges would be extra

How secure is your facility ?

Our facility is 24*7 monitored by CCTV cameras and well supported by security guards. The CCTV cameras are installed all around the facility so that any intrusion or suspicious activity can be monitored

Tell me about amenities at your PG

Our PGs have cot/Beds ,private TV/DTH , hot water facilities in each room . WIFI is enabled through out the campus so that you access net anytime. There are also common Fridge and washing machines available . Facilities also have ample parking space. UPS backup also available to address power failures .

Do you have Hot water & laundry facilities at your PG?

Yes ,Hot water is available in every room . Common washing machines are available which can be used at your convenience

How do you maintain hygiene at Rooms/Facility ?

Cleanliness is our top priority . The rooms and whole property are cleaned on daily basis .

Can I choose my room ?

You can’t choose your room . However we will have your choice and liking in mind while allotting the rooms based on availability

Can I interchange my room ?

If there are genuine reasons for request for change , we will do the needful based on availability

How do I get my deposit money back after vacating the room ?

Deposit will be refunded to your account within a week of vacating the room after adjusting any pending charges if any

Can I stay for few days , because I am going to be only few days in the city ?

No , the facility is for monthly usage and not for daily usage . However it can be given for a minimum period of one month based availability. Preference is only for monthly based guests

Can I invite my friend to stay with me for a day or two?

As said earlier this facility is for monthly rent only . However on an emergency basis we can accommodate your friend for a day or two if beds are available after paying daily applicable charges