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We offer rooms on twin sharing or single occupancy with Non-AC and AC options. Guests can block the seat in “The Executive Grande” by paying 50% of Security Deposit. Incase guests block the seat without required advance, management mayn’t be able to reserve the seat and it would be given on first come and first basis.

PG facility is available for only on monthly basis and not on Daily basis unless specified by Management

At the time of registration, Guest should pay a registration fee which is nonrefundable. Also, Guests are expected to complete the all the required formalities at the time of registration which include signing up admission form, submitting required identity documents, signing off the PG Home Policy Document and paying up Security deposit.

At the time of admission, guest needs to provide all the necessary details in admission form and submit identity proof, address proof and Employment proof documents. The acceptable documents towards Identity proof are Passport copy, Aadhaar card, Driving License, PAN card or any equivalent document. The acceptable documents towards Address proof are Passport copy, Aadhaar card, Driving License, Voter card or any equivalent document. Similarly, acceptable documents towards Employment proofs are Company Identity card, Offer letter, promotion letter or any equivalent document. Guests are expected to pay the security deposit as well mentioned in this policy document.

Successful admission is subjected to management’s review of the documents and fulfillment of all the formalities by guests. Management reserves the right to admission.

At the time of exit, guest should fulfil the exit formalities and can provide feedback on his stay. The security deposit would be returned without any interest.

The Guest should pay a refundable deposit of 3 months’ rent in case of twin sharing and 2 months’ rent in case of single occupancy room. The payment can be done online or by cash, however online payment would be preferred. The Security deposit should be paid within maximum 5 days of joining, else accommodation can be cancelled by the Management.

At the time of termination of the occupancy or leaving PG the deposit would be refunded without interest. However, deductions would be applicable in case of any pending rent payments and recoverable like charges towards damages caused by guest to the PG properties if any. Guest need to fulfil all the exit formalities like filling up exit and feedback forms. The refund of the security deposit would take 3-5 days due to processing formalities and we would prefer online refund.

The Room rental charges vary based on single or double occupancy and based on AC or Non-AC room. In addition, Guest must pay 1) fixed additional maintenance charges every month towards cleaning, water charges, EB charges etc. 2) AC meter charges on actuals in case of AC rooms only & 3) monthly DTH charges on actuals based individual guest’s choice of channels. You may refer to the Commercial page for complete details on charges.

The maintenance charges are subjected to revision based on changes in charges by Govt /respective agencies and in the case of revision management would inform the guests in advance.
The Guests have to pay the monthly rent on or before 5th of the month without fail. Nonpayment of monthly rent on time may lead to management decision to terminate the stay. The rental amount is for one full month, irrespective of any number of days stayed inside the premises with in a calendar month. No partial rental amount is accepted, even if the Guest stays for a single day.

As a general practice the Guest’s friends are not allowed to stay inside the room. In case of urgency, if required to stay an additional BED charges would apply (Refer commercial page for details). However, accommodation would be provided only based on the availability of extra bed.

Incase Guest wants to leave and terminate the stay, he must give a notice of minimum one month. If Guest fails to give notice, one month rental amount would be deducted from the advance amount.

We would like to make sure your stay is very comfortable and memorable experience at “The Executive Grande”. Kindly keep the premises neat and clean and conduct yourself professionally. Also, we request you to sensitize your visitors. That will help the management and its staff to provide good service.

Management has complete authority and right to terminate Guest’s stay at any given point of time in case of violation of rules and regulation of “The Executive Grande” or refusing to accept /follow the rules and regulations or if poor conduct and attitude shown towards management/employees/ fellow guests/others. Management’s decision would be final in case of any dispute.

We expect the guests to take good care of assets inside the premises. The Guest is responsible for proper usage of assets in the premises like Bed, Cot, TV, Fan, AC (optional)and other things inside or outside the room. However, in case of any damage to premises properties corresponding amount would be deducted from payables to Guest.

This PG is for men only and the Guests(Inmates) are not allowed to bring any lady / girl inside the PG premises. Females are strictly not allowed inside the premises.

The Guests(Inmates) are not to bring or consume any Alcohol/ liquor inside the premises.

The Guests should not involve in ragging, fighting, teasing or creating nuisance to the fellow Guests or to the neighbors and it will be strictly treated as a criminal offence and will be reported immediately to the Police

The security and safety of the guests are paramount to management and it will take all necessary and possible precautions in this regard. Guests are expected to cooperate with management and follow all the necessary guidelines. CCTV cameras are installed inside the premises at key places to keep vigil on people and property on 24*7 basis. The management would monitor the recordings online and look at the history whenever required. Guests are expected to bring any unwanted or untoward incidents happening inside the premises to supervisor/management immediately.

Security guards are also monitoring the premises on a regular basis. Security guards, supervisor and management representatives are authorized to ask questions to guests if necessary to ensure the safety of inmates. Guests are requested to cooperate in this regard.

Guests are requested to take good care of valuables inside the premises and “The Executive Grande” is not responsible for any loss of Guest’s valuable items and articles inside the premises. However, management advises guests to keep valuable items inside the locker at office. Please contact Supervisor /Management in this regard.

The Guests must update name of employer, place of work, communication address and contact numbers. In case of changes same must be updated in PG records on Top Priority. The ID and Address Proof documents may be used for verification and may be shared with local police in case of any request from police officers.

The Guest has to strictly give prior information if he is going out of station or not returning to PG for stay on a particular day. This is for the Management’s record and also for the safety and security reasons.

If Guest is impacted/affected due to any untoward incident outside the premises, The Executive Grande, management is not responsible for consequences and not legally liable. Also, if there is any loss/damage to guests due to incidents /events inside the premises due to Acts of God, management is not responsible for consequences and not legally liable.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for the management and its staff. Management would conduct survey from time to time to get the pulse of the services rendered. Guests are also requested to bring issues to management and they can make use of the complaint register for the same. Management would take quick action on complaints and feedback on a best possible way